People Portrait Art

I am offering individual and family portrait art. Please stop by soon to see examples.

Individual and Family Portrait Art

One of the most personally significant works of art I have done are portraits I painted of my kids when they were "kids". I have thousands of photos, but those two paintings always hang in my living room. Historically, portraits of people and families have been passed down from one generation to the next and hold a nostalgic quality. Art has a special way of immortalizing people. Just finding a portrait of someone makes you want to find out who they were and what their story was. Here, I offer people this opportunity, and I truly hope the portraits give them as much joy as it gives me to create.

Individual Portrait:  Graphite 8" x 10" $135,  9" x 12" $160

Individual Portrait: Watercolor 8" x 10" $200,  9" x 12" $250

Individual Portrait: Colored Pencil 8" x 10" $295, 9" x 12" $370

Individual Portrait: Pastel 8" x 10" $225, 9" x 12" $300

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