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In The Beginning

September 19, 2018

At Home With Art: I grew up in an artistic and unconventional family of introverts in a small town in southeastern Pennsylvania. My father was a book illustrator for most of my childhood and worked from home. His art studio was set up in what was a barber shop for the previous owner of our house, so there was already a sink and lots of cabinets. It was the ideal setting.

As kids, my brother and I would spend time in that studio equipt with our own easels and art supplies. (see photo) Most of what I remember drawing from those days was what I wanted my life to look like when I grew up. They always included a nice house, a family, gardens, trees, doing artwork and always lots of animals.

I've had all of these things, not always at the same time, and lost some too. That is how life goes, but the support of my small unconventional family and never having a day without fur babies, is a blessing.

Attempts at Being Conventional: I have dabbled in many "occupations" and studied many of my interests, but art has always been what I consistently go back to. I think we are all made to do many things in our lives, but there is always a singular thread that grows with you in your life, is always a part of you, and it was there with you in the beginning. When you ask yourself, what would I spend time doing if money were not a concern, the answer is usually effortless to say and can be traced back to your childhood.

Unfortunately, we are taught as children that anything is possible and to follow your dreams and think outside box. Then, by the time we are teenagers, we begin being molded for a career, are shown the "safe" occupations to pursue, or at best are shown the best alternative to your passion. I understand, we all need money to survive, but being true to yourself and your God given purpose should not be considered a pursuit of lesser value.

Going For It Anyway: During times of struggle, and there's been a lot, my thoughts always get weak and I back away from that God given purpose and start seeking conventional avenues instead. That fear response never gets me anywhere, and I am soon back on my road of adventure. The road is bumpy and risky, it can wear you out, but it can also lift you up. I do not believe we were intended for easy street. Passion is s force that takes gumption to keep alive.

To me art is a risky and adventurous pursuit, but I cannot say for sure that I am the one pursuing it. Our true purpose will keep chasing us until we stop running in circles, until we let go of our tight grip, until the dizziness stops and we see that it was always there waiting for us since the beginning.

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